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Nancy Smay

President & Founder 1987-1995


In Memory of Nancy Smay
CWC Mem. #1 Longwood, Florida

Hit The Road Jack, Ride Safe-Stay Aware, and Ride Like The Wind are common sayings recognized by many. However the expression of “May All Your Roads Be Fun” is known to each Classic Wing Club member. It all started back in 1987, with Nancy Smay and her love for riding 1000 Goldwing’s, which inspired her to draw together riders having a similar regard for older motorcycles. Nancy initiated CWC in 1987, an information club providing people that have a common bond of enjoying their 75-79 Honda GL1000. They would correspond via newsletter, meet at different events and dinners, bringing the group to a national level. With the riding season upon us, let us all Ride With Pride and May All Your Roads Be Fun. On July 5, 1995 Nancy Smay rode to a better place.

Carl Hinsey

President, 1996 – 2003


In Memory of Carl

Today we ride missing one. His machine cold and still. We recall his glowing face, as we raise our glass. Even though his rides are done he will always be with our every turn. We are all better by having known him, and he will live on in our memories and machines. So Carl, here’s to you, may your ride be free.

–by Martin Pinkston, CWC #536



Bob Roe

President, 2003 – 2013


I was asked to take charge of the Club in 2003 while Carl Hinsey was still President. At that time I was newly retired and attending all of the CWC functions. My wife, Lorraine, was also retired and Carl knew that it took two people to run the Club and considering our backgrounds, he thought we would have the time to devote to a successful run as President and Editor. I have fourteen total motorcycles which includes 7 GL1000′s. Of course I’m prejudiced, but I think they are absolutely the best sport touring bikes ever made and I will do my absolute best to keep the legacy alive!

It is now 2013 and time to retire from the presidency of CWC. We thank all the members for their support and friendship. It was a productive and fun ten years. We had a great time taking care of the Club and plan to keep as active as possible because we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the Club and the Classic Wings!!

Bob & Lorraine

Don Davis

President, 2014 – Present

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