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  1. oldwings says:

    Well boys and girls, here;s some news that should get your toes curled and your ears all perked up. As some of you may know, the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group ( honours one particular marque at its National Rally every year, and next year it’s the Honda Gold Wing. To mark the occasion, the CVMG bought a basket case ’75 GL1000 and had it completely restored by Honda Canada. And I mean completely. This will be the featured bike at the Rally’s marque display and I am sure you all will want to come see it!!! Details to come… watch this space! B1#328

  2. dpilot says:

    I have joined CVMG, and a member of Old Fort York.
    I will be there.

  3. dpilot says:

    I rode home from the Soo in one day.
    Went out to start my LTD the next morning, and
    Experienced my first failure on the bike – ever!!
    Starter solenoid (relay, really) dead.
    Course, I had one lying about and put it on, post haste.
    Interesting to note, that failure would not have stranded me.
    Touch a piece of metal between the big terminals and go.

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