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Check out our European Reporter on Classic Wings - Frank Marx

Frank Marx The Netherlands
Classic Wing Club Member #248

I work at the Royal Dutch Airforce with Hawk guided missile system. My hobbies are Goldwings, restoring my Austin Mini pickup, computers and driving around in my Mini and on my Goldwings. I like to go to International Goldwing meetings to hear and see what other people have and to party.

I started thinking about motorcycles when I was around 12 years of age, due to a neighbor from across the street drove a Goldwing at that time. He had a lot of friends coming to his place during the weekends, the Goldwing virus infected me.

My first Goldwing meeting was when I was 16 years of age, not on a motorcycle, but on a solex, a 49cc moped with an engine mounted on the front wheel. Sure looked stupid between those Goldwings.

At the age of 18 I bought my first motorcycle, a 1972 CB125 imported from the US. Got my license with that bike and sold it so I could buy a 1974 CB500 with a CB550 engine. Ended up wrecking this bike in a curve because I forgot the side stand. I drove around a month or so with the damaged bike and sold it in 1986. My third bike was, and still is my 1978 GL1000K3 and this just a few days before I went 20. In the meanwhile I became a member of the Goldwing Club Holland and with my wing I collected some trophies for youngest attendant at meetings. My GL1000K3 had about 38,000Km on it when I bought her. The bike was almost sold to another fellow when I saw her in a shop. But the guy didn’t show up, so I bought her.

With my `78 K3 I went to a lot of countries and many international meetings across Europe, and now the bike has around 250,000km on the clock. The engine is still original. I only dismantled it at 100,000Km to clean and reassemble again. No major breakdowns. Only a new water pump at 110.000Km and a new water pump years ago.

I modified the K3 a lot. When I bought it, it had only a Vetter fairing without the lowers on it. I bought the lowers, an imitation Harley style set of fiberglass bags, K&Q seat. I made myself a lightbar around the bags. Bought a lot of chrome and lights, a radio/cassette, CB and a re-spray in Candy Red. In 1989 I bought a small trailer, also color matched with a lot of chrome on it. The bike stayed like this till 1998 or so when I bought a Clarion MKII sound system from a GL1100 Aspencade. It didn’t fit my fairing, so I bought a GL1100 one and fitted that to the bike. Now I could install the sound system.

During 1998 I also installed GL1100 front legs with TRAC and a 11 spoke cast wheel from a GL1100 Aspencade, but with a GL1200 front fender on it I also made myself a new set of lowers for the fairing. A combination of GL1100, but with the cornering lights of a GL1200LTD and the air vents of a GL1200LTD. This winter I started to create a new front fender, a GL1500 one with the 1500 disk covers. These things will be reproduced from fiberglass as the lowers where done.

Last January I installed a GL1100 swing arm with an 11 spoke cast wheel in it. The bike doesn’t look like as you can see on the pictures. But when it has a re-spray in 2-tone candy red with striping it’s as new again. I also bought a new Squire trailer last year. It was damaged, so I repaired it and made a new undercarriage with hydraulic operated brakes on it. It also will be sprayed in 2-tone candy red.

During 1990 I bought a “like scrapped” Febr. 1975 GL1000. (Frame #10001815). It needed a new set of pistons, new bearings, new wheels, new this, new that. It took me two years to get it running again. It had 56,000 miles on it when I bought her. By now she has 61,000 miles on it (in 10 years only 5,000 miles). I drove to a few international meetings with this “naked” bike. I went to France with her, Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands. But most of those years it didn’t make a move. She only stood in the garage waiting for better times to come.

And in the year 1999 it was time to get her out for the 25th anniversary meeting over here in the Netherlands. I’ve got the trophy for the oldest bike at that meeting. The bike is not the most beautiful, but the oldest over here.

That’s it, I’ll stop writing so other people can put their input somewhere.

If you want to see more pictures of my bikes and you’ve got Internet access: http://surf.to/goldwing

Ride safe,

Frank Marx

Salu z’samme!
If you are not familiar with Swiss German dialects
Hi Everyone!


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